Intro : It Started with a Dare!

Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Stephanie Devina Sutanto. Well, I know it’s a bit long. That’s why, my friends call me ‘Step’. No! No! Not even ‘Steph’ but ‘Step’! Or simply, they call me ‘DS’. However, they think it still not short enough, so they call me ‘S’!

Ok, let’s begin our journey together with this introduction! Yes, this blog is made because of a dare! On a cloudy evening (March 17th), my friend suddenly said, “I will post my first story in my blog today!”, then I just looked at her and think, “So?”

Then, she continued, “You have to do it too!”

I answered plainly, “Why?”

She glared at me. Finally I surrendered and replied, “Okay… I will make my blog first.”

Then… TADAAA!!! I made my blog and post my first story today!

Next, Why I named my blog “Step on Steph”? What do you think? Yes, It’s because my nickname is ‘Step’. Good guess, but still not a right answer. The reason is because my friend-still that same crazy friend- always make fun of my name and said, “I will step on you, Step!” WHAT KIND OF CATCHPHRASE IS THAT??!! But, it’s funny, too… So, based on that joke, I named my blog.

In this blog, I will basically share my daily life stories. I also like to make short fiction stories and poems sometimes, so I will share those stories and poems here. I will try my best to use English. However, please forgive me if maybe at some point I cannot express myself in English, and I use Indonesian– I am Indonesian by the way. AH! ONE MORE THING! Please forgive me if my grammar is wrong. I usually get a so-so score in grammar test.

Okay… That’s all for my first post! Let’s get to know better in the next posts! Hope you enjoy my blog!


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