Jealousy Over Nothing

Based on the title… You think it’s about romance or love fight, right?

Sorry, not even close.

You still remember my crazy friend who dare me to create this blog, right? This story is about her.

Me, my crazy friend–let’s say her name is Sally, and her roommate–Tania (not real name), three of us had class this afternoon. However, somehow we’re late. Tania still needed to do her make up, while me and Sally already done everything and ready to go.

Tania said, “You both can go first. It’s okay. I’ll catch up!”

We agreed. So, me and Sally ran to the bus station to catch the bus. But, SHOOT!!!!!

“Why is the queue so long? At this hour???!!! OMG!!” Sally shouted.

“Argh!! Maybe everyone also late like us…” I also groaned.

What happened next, maybe you can guess. Yeah! We missed the bus. And, what made it worst was, the next bus would come in another 20 minutes! HELLO….. We’re already late around 10 minutes here…

Yeah, sadly we had to walk at this point… ARGH!! We needed to walk the really steep and also longggg road to attend the class. But, it’s faster compare to wait for the bus.

“Okay, let’s just walk…” Sally said this sentence soullessly.

“We should have just walk in the first place. No need to go to the bus station…,” I sighed heavily.

“Yeah… It’s faster. And I think, Tania will come faster than us. She definitely walked…” Sally continued.

I had to agree with her. “Yeah… she will.”

When we’re on our way to class, I kept looking at my watch, and could only sigh. We’re definitely very late.

Suddenly, our phones vibrated at the same time. We looked at ours at the same time, too.

Yeah! It’s message from Tania. “Where are youuu??!!”

Not only Tania, my other friends chatted us in group chat, and asked, “Where are you, Step? Where are you good girl?”

And… this was the reason for Sally’s jealousy. They only ask about me… not her!

I laughed and said, “Because…you knew the reason, too. I’m a good girl who never skipped class…”

“I’m so jealous la~~ Nobody care about me,” She kept pouting.

This situation continued until we arrived at our class.

“Stay away from me! Don’t come near me!” She said.

‘Ah, why is this girl like this la~’ I said it in my mind, didn’t dare to say it out loud. Afraid she will really get mad at me. Haha… *kidding*

Then, I heard the teacher said, “Let’s have 10 minutes break!”

Sally then said to me, “You should care about me, okay?”

I laughed so loud. “Sure sure…”

Case closed. She’s not jealous anymore. Weird, right? Maybe that’s why we can be best friend. ‘Cause both of us are weird. When weird people stay together, they become crazy…

P.S. : She kept whinning for a veryyyy longggg timeee…

And sorry about my grammar…


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