When Creativity Meets Mischievousness

Most of us usually assume that artists, such as musicians, writers, poets, painters, etc– are people who are strong on their fantasy side, while scientists, politicians, and business people are realists.

Now, what if I tell you that I am both? My occupation and my study background are from fantasy side and realistic side.

My friends said that I am a creative person. And I am very thankful with their statements and compliments. Thus, let’s just assume that I really am a creative person! Psychologist said, that creative people are smart and playful at the same time — well, I hope I am smart enough too then.

“Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted.” This statement suit me, I guess. I sometimes like to be in the crowd, but other time I like to sit on the sidelines and observe people. I like to hangout with my friends and laugh like nobody’s business, but I also like to sit alone and be by myself in my room.

“Creative people are both rebellious and conservative.” I can’t agree more with this statement. I personally dislike breaking rules, such as skip classes, not doing my homework, slack off with my works– I really don’t like making mistakes moreover being scolded. However, at some point, there is an urge within me that makes me want to take more risks and being mischievous sometimes. NO! This mischievousness doesn’t mean that I try to skip class (well, I confess that I skipped one or two classes this week) or break some laws or something! I just like to try something, such as pranks, nonsense jokes, etc– that even my friends even said, “We never know that you can even do something like this!”

What’s make me can’t agree more that I am both conservative and rebellious is also because I recently did something mischievous to my friend (not my crazy friend, it’s my other friend)! Well, I cannot tell you the story, because it was a really crazy idea that just popped out from my mind, then I just did as it was without thinking of the consequences. However, with this mischievousness came out out of nowhere, I realized that maybe I really am good at creating stories — and hopefully a good storyteller and writer, too.


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