My Number One Enemy

All of us must have known about phobia. Based on dictionary, phobia means an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. How many phobias that you know? Fear of height, fear of darkness, fear of frog, fear of death– what else?? How about fear of fruit–particular fruit?

Me! I have a very weird phobia that I don’t even know why I have this kind of phobia. I am afraid of watermelon’s seeds. Yes! Only the seeds–especially the black ones! Specifically, black seeds and slimy seeds disgust me! Those things can even make me throw up! I used to threw up when I was still kid, but after I grew up I think my pride made me a bit stronger. So, here are seeds list which I dislike, such as Watermelon seeds-of course, Papaya seeds–they’re slimy and black at the same time OMG!, Cantaloupe Melon (or any Melon) seeds–not black but slimy, and Grapes seeds–sometimes they’re not black, but just disgust me. Well, basically I tend to avoid any fruit seeds, but those seeds I mentioned above are MUST AVOID! Watermelon is my number one enemy!

That’s why I don’t like parties that serve watermelon as their fruit dessert. I won’t even touch it! However, this fact doesn’t mean that I don’t like those fruits. I LIKE THE FRUITS! WHAT I DON’T LIKE ARE THE SEEDS! At some point, my mom really forced me to eat watermelon, but she had to take out all of the seeds for me to eat the fruit. Same with the other fruits, too, she had to make all the fruits seedless for me. I felt sorry for her, but there’s nothing I could do for this phobia of mine. Aahh, maybe you saw me as a very high maintenance girl now– it’s okay, I can’t help it.

Back in my country, besides my family, only the people close to me knew this phobia of mine. Of course, I didn’t tell them freely. They knew because of parties that served watermelon, or some event that had something to do with those fruits! For example, back in my school, my art teacher suddenly asked the students to bring watermelon to class! Yup! Exactly as your expected! We had to draw the watermelon, and of course, to make it more beautiful, we had to cut it to see the red and black colors! WHAT A NIGHTMARE FOR ME! I love drawing, but drawing this fruit made me crazy! REALLY! Well, again because of my pride, I only told my close friend in the class with teary eyes. Then, she somehow helped me covering this secret from my other friends. I remembered it clearly that I drew from 3 METERS AWAY from that fruit! It was like from corner to corner.

Now in this foreign country, this problem happened again. Today, believe it or not, is my second time experiencing ME, MYSELF eating watermelon and have to take out all of the seeds BY MYSELF!!!!

The first experience occurred around 1 month ago (if I remembered it correctly), IT WAS DISASTER!! AGAIN, it’s because of this PRIDE of mine!!! My friend, Sally, she knocked my room and asked with bright smile, “Let’s eat watermelon together!” I was shocked, but because she was smiling so brightly, I couldn’t say no to her. I didn’t want her to feel rejected and made her mood down– because she didn’t know that I have this phobia. What’s made it worst was I saw plentiful seeds there, really I don’t lie, it’s sooooo many!!!! I was crying inside, but tried my best to take those seeds away then ate the watermelon. Luckily, I SURVIVED!! YES!! Thank God, I survived this battle!

Then, the next day, when we had chit chat, I told her about my phobia. I also said that maybe I survived because of my survival instinct — because fruits’ price here are so expensive while we need to eat fruits to stay healthy. She laughed and agreed with my statement. I also relieved that she kept that as a secret and didn’t tell our other close friends.

However, today, yesterday night for the exact time, she knocked my room again with another bright smile of her and gave me a cut watermelon then said, “Here! Less seeds this time!”

‘Oh, man! Another bloody battle will occur tonight!’ I cried in my own thought. Then replied her, “Thanks a lot!”

Like I said, round 2 began!

Why didn’t I throw the fruit away, you ask???

No! I didn’t throw it away, because I really dislike wasting foods. The other reason is because it is impolite to throw away other’s gift to you. Especially, when others had already made the effort to give it to you. I have to eat it with a thankful heart! Yes, this is my principle in life!!

I ate the watermelon again. I battled against the seeds by using a toothpick. Just as she said, there were less seeds. I even took a picture of the left skin and seeds before I threw them to trash can. I sent the picture to my family with “ACHIEVEMENT” as the title. They also shocked but then gave me a big two thumbs up!

The watermelon was good and sweet! Thanks, Sally–for the watermelon and also for making me have this achievement! After you read this story, please don’t feel sorry for giving me watermelons. Hahaha… It’s okay now, i guess. Just don’t give me too often. Or else, I will definitely cry for sure…


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