What Am I Doing Right Now?

Today is a holiday! Finally!! After the hard work studying for exam, finally the free time come!!

Yesterday, I’ve planned everything about what I want to do today. However, today…

I did something that’s not even in the list of my plan. It just suddenly popped in my head, then I just followed it. I am still doing it right now by the way, while I am also writing this blog.

What am I doing right now, besides writing this blog?? Guess what!!

I am listening to music, of course. Yeah! However, it is a very old song. Please underline and bold the “a”, “very”, and “old”! Yes, please! It is really a–only one– song that was released a long time ago, even before I graduated from my elementary school!

Why I have to listen to this song?? I knew that it is a really good song, but it also a bit gloomy. Why I have to listen to this song in my happy holiday?!

Again! It’s because of silly Sally! WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!Why does half of my blog fill with her in it?Bad girl! Please! At least, I should fill this blog with my love story about my crush or something! Why should I write about you again?! Hahahaha…

Okay, forget about my intermezzo, let’s get back to this story!

One day around this week, when we walked to our class — yes, walk! Didn’t want to take the bus again!– she suddenly told me, “I think I have too many sugar right now! I need to sing!”

I looked at her with a smirk. “Up to you. Just don’t make my ear hurt!”

She laughed so hard and said, “I will! Don’t worry! I will make your ear hurt!”

Then, she opened you**be from her phone, and began to sing along with the singer.

“Is that your country’s song?” I asked, because I knew it was not English song.

“Yup! A very old song, too! I like old songs,” she answered, then also joked. “I won’t hurt your ear with a song that you don’t know, right? Hahaha… I know if I sing a song that you know, you will mock me!”

“Hahahaha… I’m not that bad la~ But, you got the point! Make sense! Okay, just sing! Up to you,” I agreed and continued walking.

Suddenly, she stopped singing and asked me, “Ah! Do you know this song?! I really like this song! It’s in English! Very popular in my country too!”

I thought, ‘Ah, maybe this time is a new popular song!’ Then I asked, “What song?”

“FROM SARAH WITH LOVE! I will sing it for you!” she answered me excitedly and without my permission, she began to sing this song.

I never knew this song before! I was wondering how old is this song, too. But first, let’s forget about the age and the singer! What bothered me was she sang it badly but full of emotion! That expression — I regretted I didn’t take a picture of it!! It was EPIC!! What made it worst was, she changed “SARAH” with “SALLY”!! I was like WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS GIRL?!

“ARE YOU DRUNK?! IN THE MIDDLE OF AFTERNOON?! Not even evening yet here!” I shouted but she only laughed and kept singing.

I was getting annoyed and couldn’t help it anymore. I made a promise to her. “I WILL SEARCH THIS SONG! AND I WILL SING THIS SONG! So, please don’t make the singer feel ashamed with her own song, because of you!”

She agreed easily and replied, “But please changed ‘Sarah’ with ‘Sally’, please…”

“You’re crazy, really!” I was speechless.

—– Days past, I didn’t have time to search for the song, because I had to prepare for exam. She kept singing it every time we met and kept asking, “When will you sing it to me?” I shook my head and speechless again. ‘How come I made friend with this crazy girl?’

Then, I completely forgot about it until today. Suddenly popped on my mind. I started to search whose song it is and when it was produced. OMG!!!!! 2001???!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

‘Did your age in your identity card FAKE?! Are you sure we’re same age, Sal?’ I was so shocked and shook my head again and again.

Now, I am listening to “From Sarah with Love”–Sarah Connor! It is a very good-to-listen but old song. Well, now I know this song, and it is really nice! Why didn’t I feel it when my friend sang it? Who’s fault?!


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