“Shocking” Action and Reaction

This afternoon, I was video calling with my Mom, and she said, “I’ve read your blog, Dear!”

My reaction was, “Wow! You read it too??”

“Yeah! Your big sister told me and I also read it!,” she replied.

I was like, ‘Woooowww… My Mom also read my blog…’ — proud and shy at the same time.

Then she asked me this ‘cute’ question, “Did you write it from someone else’s?”

HUH??!! I was so shocked. “Mom, if I wrote from someone else’s I will get caught in copyright issue. Why you ask me that question?”

“Well, because I never knew that you could write stories that longgg… And especially, it’s in English…” explained her.

Well, I couldn’t blame her for that. I rarely show my writing hobby to my family.

I just laughed and naughtily said, “Your daughter can write la~ (eventhough her grammar is a mess 😂) and she’s smart too…” — then explained, “But, of course, if I write theoritical stuffs, I will google the theories first. I need a base for those things.”

She nodded her head a few times. And we talked about other stuffs…

Huffffftttt… That’s my Mom… 😂


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