Am I in Love?

If you type “Am I in Love” in your search engine, so many articles will appear in an instant, such as “signs that prove you’re in love”, “scientific proves that you’re in love”, etc.

Well, it’s not wrong of course. And I’m here not to criticize those articles, but I will insert more signs of people who’s in love.

Let’s begin then!

1. They keep smiling while chatting!

So, if your friend can’t stop smiling to his/her phone, it means he/she is chatting with the “Love One”!

2. They ignore you who are beside them and so into chatting!

You’re being ignored right now? Yes! Me too… My friend, Sally, keep chatting, smiling, giggling, you name it! Yup! She’s chatting with a guy right now — like really right now while I’m writing this blog! I’m being ignored while we wait for the next class, that’s why I’m writing this blog about her right now. Hah!

3. They don’t even mind giggling by themselves in public place!

Yeah I know! Crazy, right?! That’s what they do! If you can see what Sally’s doing right now, you will understand what I mean — I really want to take a picture of her, but if I do, I will die! Hahaha…

4. They suddenly ask you random questions — those questions also unrelated to one another, then go back into their phone!

“How much money did we spend in our spring break trip?”

“What is Taroko?”

“I’m tired I think.. Aren’t I?”

“Am I looking so……. Ah, it’s okay! Forget it!”

Well, how can I respon these questions?? Especially the last 2…… 😕 This is a real story and is happening right now!!!

5. They make a public place looks like their own space!

They will occupied the whole place just only to cuddling, rolling on the sofa, giggling, laughing, moving here and there while chatting…

Sally is even lying on the sofa right now! Behave, Girl!!! 😅

6. They are not embarrased but make their friends embarrased!

This is the problem! Yes! Tell me, who will not feel embarrased if they have to accompany a “crazy” friend?! Fall in Love really make you crazy, now I understand!

It’s okay, Sally! You can chat with him la~ Enjoy your date before the busiest weeks of our semester come! Yeah yeah yeah~ P.S. : This is my revenge to you! If you want to revenge me back, please be easy on me… 😂😂😂😂😂


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