Uproar in the Middle of the Night

One night, me, Sally, and Tania were chit-chating in their room (I’m their neighbor after all)… We talked and talked about anything from common sense to nonsense topics until very late — after midnight. Yeah, we kept talking until late because the next day was holiday so it’s okay~

Then suddenly, this particular topic arised. I forgot who raised it first — probably me. It’s about bangs! Yeah, bangs! Our hair…

“I think long bangs doesn’t suit me…” I said it while showing my ‘already soooo long’ bangs to them.

“Yeah… I think the same!” Tania replied.

“It looks messy, right?” I asked their opinion.

“Yup! You look like a crazy girl!” Tania replied bluntantly as always — so straight forward.

“You should cut it!” Sally also commented. “I also can’t live without my bangs. Doesn’t suit me…”

“I think I should,” I agreed. “Do you have scissors?”

“I have! Do you want to cut it now?” asked Sally.

“Yeah! Why not?” I answered lightly.

“It’s past midnight…” Tania joined.

“So?” I replied lightly again.

Then, Sally gave me her scissors and both of us went to bathroom together, while Tania was left in the room. I stood in front of the mirror and Sally stood beside me to watch me cutting my hair. Actually I asked her to cut for me but she said that she rather only help me fix it. So, we made an agreement — I will cut my bangs first and let her fix it.


“Oh my God!!!!!” She screamed so hysterically.

“What?” I just asked lightly once again.

“You cut it too short!!!!!!! No, no, no!!! I don’t want to fix it!” She screamed once again and broke the agreement.

“Really? Too short?? No la~~” I replied so nonchalantly.

“Wayyyyyy too short, you crazy!” After she said that, she went back to her room and told Tania about everything.

Their voice was so loud until I had to shush them, because it’s past — like really past– midnight.

After I finished cutting my bangs I went back to their room. Then all I could hear was their laugh and words such as, “Crazy!”, “Insane!”, “This girl is drunk!” — they kept repeating these words again and again in English, Korean, their mother language, and back to English again.

I didn’t know that I could make both of them stressed just because I cut my bangs short — well, I agree that I cut it short, but I never think it’s too short. However, they thinked differently…

“Why are we this stressed? Because of youuu… OMG!” They kept repeating this sentence too.

They also didn’t miss the chance to post about my bangs in their social media… They even didn’t forget to take picture of me for remembrance.

“You should not go anywhere for the whole next week… Just be a nerd or geek who always studies in the room, okay?”

What a suggestion… Such good friends~~~ 😑😑😑

But I didn’t listen to them of course hahaha… I only live once! What’s wrong with short bangs? I’m still as cute as always, and will always be. 😆😆😆


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