Mind vs Heart: Which One Will You Follow?

From time to time, people tend to say “Follow your heart, it knows you best and will take you into the right decision”. However, lately I’ve been thinking, ‘Is that phrase really correct?’

Well, these days I’m kinda being tortured by the thoughts of ‘Should I follow my mind or my heart?’…

It’s not new thing, I bet all of us know that our mind and our heart often not synchronize with each other. I believe that all of us ever have this kind of situation in our life. The time when our heart says ‘Yes!’ and our mind says ‘No!’, and we have to make the decision. It’s torture! Because as a human being we don’t want to make wrong decisions in our life, right?! However, this mind and heart battle is just like demon and angel battle inside us!

Thus, this morning I did some researches on psychology websites, however they are also not really a big help. Why? Because this topic is debatable, even psychology websites provide different suggestions.

But I can get 2 main ideas regarding this issue!

1. How does it happen?

“This battle of mind vs heart always and will always happen when we don’t know about future and which choice is better, but we have to make a decision about it.”

For example : about whether I should take Master Degree or continuing my job; about should I choose school A or school B; it can also decision about love or relationship; and many more…

It’s like we are in the middle of walking and suddenly facing fork path — or even cross road, and don’t know which path is better. Because each side has its own value, appeal, beauty, but also cost — terms and conditions.

Fear about not knowing the future makes our decision time even harder — even harder than my finance exam last week.

2. How do we know that we made the right decision?

“Either we follow our Mind or Heart, as long as we have peace — no regret — in ourselves after the decision, it’s okay, you made the right choice.”

Yeah, no matter what our choice, if we can get rid of the fear inside us, we did right. If we can make both our heart and mind in peaceful state again, it’s alright, we did great!

So here’s the conclusion! Don’t worry about your future and no need to be afraid of making decision about your life.


Wait… What? You want to know what’s my battle and decision?

Well, my heart say, “Stay!”, while my mind say, “Let Go!”

This battle lasted for a long time — around 1 month I guess… It’s really hard for me because I am a thinking person — remember that I have INTJ personality, right? — and I’m proud of that. So, every time my heart speaks louder than my mind, I always struggle. Especially this time, my heart speaks wayyyy louder, almost like screaming. “Stay! Fight for it! Get it!” it shouts.

But, I’ve made my decision. I chose to “Let Go!”.

You must be thinking I’m crazy… It is clear that the heart’s screaming, and why still I choose my mind? Don’t worry, I also thought that I’m crazy if I choose to let go. However, after I made this decision, there are peace in both my mind and heart. They’re not battling anymore. Then, I knew that I came to the right decision… ☺


Author’s note : The content of this blog are all based on my own thought, reflection, and experience. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, these are just my own suggestions for readers to be happy and peaceful in life. Agree or not, again, it’s your own decision.


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