Big Achievement in Life

Hey! Today I went to Taipei and just got back to Hsinchu… And why is this important to share? Because, this is my first time going alone to a place that I’m not familiar with! Well, yeah, maybe you will laugh at me, because ‘Hello…. it’s Taipei! Capital city! Even the airport is there! Why are you not familiar with it?!’

However, here’s my reason! This was only my 3rd time going to Taipei! My 1st time was last semester — like in the early semester, when even i was still not familiar with Hsinchu. My 2nd time luckily was last week with Sally and Tania! And the point was, I reeeeeeeeally am not good with direction — really!!!! Even Sally and Tania were worried, would I survive going to Taipei and wandering around Taipei alone!

The thing was, I really needed to go to Taipei today to meet my friend! I needed to give her some stuffs and she also needed to give me some stuffs. At first, Sally wanted to accompany me, but she couldn’t make it!

But, today I finally did it! Alone! Again, still not good with direction, yes… But, not lost at least, just a bit confused ‘Should I turn right or left?’ Haha…

I was also thankful that there were 3 guys — my senior, who were willing to accompany me afterwards. We promised to meet at Shilin Night Market! And, believe it or not, I could go there by myself, without getting lost — while I’ve never been to Shilin before!!! Maybe this is an ordinary story for you, but for me, this was an achievement!!!

Maybe because I was in a survival mode… Hahaha! Really, I’m not good in direction, I’m not lying, my sense of direction is really bad. That’s why, I still wondering how I could pass my geography class back in high school!

Then again, after I met my seniors, I was really thankful! Because without them, maybe I won’t even dare to go to Shilin by myself, or even if I dare to go, I will definitely get lost in Shilin!!! So, xie xie ni men!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Thus, here’s my own life lesson after the experience : If you’re in ‘survival mode on’ status, you can achieve and do everything that you won’t even believe you can do it! Here I am, as an example — proud of myself!!

And here comes the funny part! I also got some life lessons from them!

1. Don’t be an anti social! If you have free time just travel whereever you want!
— good lesson!

2. Going to Taipei every week and spend 210nt each week for round trip ticket will not make you poor!! Another way around, not going to Taipei and save that 210nt also will not make you rich!! — hahaha it’s funny but make sense!

3. If you are a girl, don’t go with 3 guys by yourself, or else they will call you ‘Bro’!! This is also vice versa! If you are a guy, don’t go with 3 girls by yourself, or they will call you ‘Sis’!! — This one makes no sense, really… But, because of this ‘joke’ lesson, they suddenly call me ‘Bro’ for real! OMG!! Look, how crazy my seniors are…

4. If guys go shopping, they will also ask you to help them to hold their stuffs!!! — So, for every guy in this world, don’t only blame girls! Men also do the same!



Hmmm… I think that’s all! Hahaha… But still, thank you for accompanying me today! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


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