When You Give ‘SOS!’ Signal…

First of all, before I begin, I have some questions for you…

Are you facing uncertainty in your life right now?

Are you struggling for years to survive those battles?

Do you think that you don’t have enough confidence and strength to face those problems?

Or maybe, you’re in the state of almost giving up — ’cause you have enough trying but still the result is failure?

When you think, you arrive in a very bottom of your life, and you feel the problem is too big for you, here I am, trying my best to give you suggestions. I know that I am not mature enough to give you advices, but I want to share my own perceptions about this matter.

So, here are my suggestions :

1. Look back at your past

No! I am not asking you to be a crybaby, who keep complaining about the past.

But I am asking you to look back at them. I believe that this is not your first time having a problem — right?. So, try to reflect and see how amazingly you solved your problems before. Try to feel how blessed you are with those solved problems until you still can stand where you are right now.

Come on! I know that you are not a quitter… If you could solve your problems before, I believe that you also can solve this ‘present’ trouble!

2. Stay in the present and look around you

Stay still for a while and look around you. You have family, friends, and closest one beside you. They who always be there for you, pray for you, encourage you. It is a wonderful thing that you still have these people around you.

You are not alone and never be alone. Even though you say you are lonely and have no friend, I’m sure that it is 100% only your thought! Why I can say that, you ask? Because you forget to stay still and look around! Even in the darkest place of your life, there is still at least someone who stay beside you and care for you — you just never realize it.

Find this particular someone and believe in him/her. Believe that this particular someone will never leave you and will help you get through all of the problems you had, have, and may have in your life. This person can be your mom, dad, best friend, boy/girlfriend, or spouse, etc.

If you really cannot find that someone, I also can assure you that I am willing to help you. I may not good with words but I am here to help and encourage you with this blog. And, if you let me, I will pray for you, too.

3. Believe that your future will be great

Get your courage back! You can do it! As long as you give 100% hardwork in everything you do, you will pass and get through your problems.

Alongside with hardwork, there’s one more thing that you need to do : you need to believe that your future will be great!



This is the end of my suggestions! I hope this can help you. Keep going and enjoy your ‘journey’ in life! 😊


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