Random Thought that Just Pop Out While Spacing Out

It has been almost 1 month since my last post. Sorry for disappearing within these past weeks.

‘Why does a person has memory?’ ‘Does it important?’ ‘What do(es) make memory(ies) important?’

With this random thought, that suddenly come to my mind, I browsed in my search engine and found out that it is not only me who think about these questions. People are also talking about memory, wisdom, and even relate it to unhappiness. There’s a title that catch my eyes, “Memory: Make You Wise or Miserable?”. It made me stop and think about it for a while. My mind was like ‘ah, make sense! Will memory make us wiser or pitiful?’

Again, I browsed for the second time. I searched the definition of ‘memory’, ‘wisdom’, and miserable”. And, here’s what I got!

What is memory?

“Something remembered from the past.”

What is wisdom?

“The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.”

Lastly, what is miserable?

“(Of a person) wretchedly unhappy.”

As it said, memory is our past. It can be everything, good or bad, simple or complicated.

Sometimes, we see our past, especially the bad one, as a nightmare that we hope we can erase. We wish there is a time turner or we have time traveler superpower just to change or erase our past. If we look at our past like this, then, it’s no doubt that memories make us miserable.

Memories are there to make us learn. Our own past experience is the best teacher. We should try to let go. And, everthing happens for a reason, including our past. So, it will be nice if we can always find things to learn from our experiences. I bet there’s at least 1 thing to learn in every moment that happened, we only need to find it and then learn from it.

Memories actually prevent us to repeat the same mistake all over again and again and again. If we did something wrong, and learned from it, then we will do our best to not do it again. Nobody wants to make mistakes, right — especially the same one?

Thus, I believe, whether it become wisdom or miserable, it depends on how we response to our memories.


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