Studying Chinese? In My Dream!

Well, Summer Holiday is very long, right? That’s why, even before the holiday started, I have to-do-lists special for summer break. One of the lists is reviewing and improving my Chinese!

Yeah, it’s been weeks ‘me’ reviewing my Chinese! I learnt from my last textbook during the courses, and about to learn from new textbook for the next course that I will take next semester.

You must be thinking too, ‘Why is this girl studying again and again during holiday??’ Haha… I have to study because it’s about survival skill in this foreign country, of course~~

Now, what’s interesting about it???

You know what, I believe that I learn Chinese with no burden — I just do it and it’s also important — but the thing is I dreamt about it last night! I woke up this morning and confused, I was like ‘What was that dream for?!’

I was just studying last night before I went to bed. But, believe me! I studied with no pressure — it’s not like I will get punished if I didn’t study — right??? But why I dreamt about having exams and even didn’t do a great job! I even dreamt about being yelled at because having a bad grade — until almost kicked out from the class! O.o O.o O.o Why? Why? Why? This doesn’t make any sense, right?

It’s only a dream — a confusing one though! Still, I will keep studying, no matter what. But this dream annoyed me really, it’s like ‘What if it will really happen next semester?’… But then, this dream also encourages me to study more and I will prove that it will not happen in real life!


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