“Is This a Humor or a Sad Story?” Chapter 1 : Cheese Cake for Diet

I love Cheese Cake very much — until I need to Capitalize the ‘C’s!!! But sadly, from my experience, there’s no delicious cheese cake here in Hsinchu. There’s no cheese cake that taste that good and it makes me craving for it more than ever. But, because there’s nothing I can do about it, I just let it pass and try to forget about my tasty cheese cake…

One day, in this super hot summer break, I was chatting with my friend. Let’s call this friend of mine, HG!

HG is my friend since college back in my country. So, one day we’re talking and chatting about topics from A to Z, until we came to a topic called diet!

Me : “You know, I don’t have many activities for summer. So, I am in the middle of trying not to eat much! I don’t want to get fat…”

HG : “Ah… I see. So, what’s your plan?”(talking about food)

Me : “I will eat proper lunch, but I will eat only apple for dinner! For a week!” (serious mode)

HG  : (suddenly send every food stickers existed)

Me : “Oh, how nice you are!” (annoyed)

HG : “Ah… Suddenly I’m craving for cheese cake from ‘xxx’ — brand name.”

–By the time I already forgot about cheese cakeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Arghhhh!!!

HG : (doing cheese cake stickers attack!!!!)

Me : (sobbingggg) “Whyyyyyyy??? How could you do this to me….? You also know that I love cheese cake, right?”

HG : “Don’t you know that these stickers are like double-blade? I’m hungry, too. I think I will really buy cheese cake tomorrow…”

Me : (sobbing one more time) “AT LEAST YOU CAN STILL BUY ONE!!! I CANNOT!!! The first reason is there is no delicious cheese cake here! The second reason is, like I said, I’m on diet!!!”

HG : (laugh out loud and do cheese cake stickers attack one more time)



So, how poor I am to have this kind of friend — not just friend but best friend! How sad… 😢

And by the time I am trying to find ‘Cheese Cake Picture’ for this blog, I finally agree with my friend that it has double-blade effect!! It’s make sense now!! *craving for it once again*


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