“Is This a Humor or a Sad Story?” Chapter 2 : Takoyaki for Dinner

So, here’s another dilemma… Is this story included in comedy genre or a sad one? Maybe you can help me answer this question…

It’s almost the same with ‘Chapter 1’. It’s night chat with a friend. But this one happened 2 weeks after “Cheese Cake” incident! And this friend is not HG but the initial is MZ!

At first, we were talking about our organization’s works and stuffs. Then, suddenly this Takoyaki thing came up! Well, yes, I had Takoyaki for dinner and I post it on my IG… But…

I will tell you the story…

Me : “Okay, I will try to finish the work before this month end!” (serious mode)

MZ : “Sure! No problem! Maybe after eating those Takoyaki you will have a lot of ideas to do the work!” (joking mode)

Me : (laugh then joke back) “Eyyy… The Takoyaki’s already finished long time ago!”

MZ : “So, you’re hungry again now??”

Me : (send shy sticker)

MZ : “Hahaha.. just eat then!” (evil smirk)

Me : “No way! That’s my dinner!!!” (in serious mode once again)

MZ : “What?! Dinner?? Takoyaki?? You??” (then add a laughing sticker)

Me : “Why are you laughing? I’m serious!”

MZ : “Because you’re joking! Just stop joking! There’s no way Takoyaki is enough for you…”

@^#£& £&”AE6JXKGDIRSJ£=$_’#*=@!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!



How come my friends are all like this…….. 😢😢😢 It’s really hard to be a nice person like me, you know..


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