Happy Horror Halloween!

Oh… really…

It’s been a while since I touched my blog. How much I miss you…

I will share about something that related to Halloween! There is no better story than HORROR for Halloween theme, agree? 😁 This time is real, so prepare yourself! πŸ˜„

It almost 4 years ago since my last time watching horror movie. Well, it’s not my favorite genre — and will not be my favorite — after all… And somehow, I didn’t even know why, I had to watch horror movie again.

One day, the weather was nice and the breeze are comforting, my friends and I were sitting in our campus cafetaria. You still remember Sally, right? Yeah! I was with her and my other friend, let’s say her name is Ariel. The three of us were eating our dinner and chit-chating about everything — we’re girls after all — when suddenly this topic came.

“Hey, we should watch horror movie sometime!” Sally said randomly.

“Why? Suddenly?” I asked with curiousity. At time same time, Ariel also responded, “We should!”

“Yeah! We can watch it in your room, Ariel! And I can provide the video!” Sally was being sooooo excited, and really ignored my question.

“Can! Can! I will invite my roommate too. And, I also have speakers… And it would be nice if we can borrow big screen!” Ariel was also excited.

“Let’s do it tomorrow night!” Sally concluded.

“Wow! Wow! Easy! Before we do that, at least you should answer me, ‘why you want to watch horror so bad?'” I cut that creepy conversation.

“Because it’s interesting and sound amuzing to watch together!” Sally answered me happily. “I’m curious about how will our reaction be when we watch horror!”

“Ah! I will bring my blanket to cover my face!” Sally continued.

We laughed together. I knew that I cannot win with these excited 2 girls. So, somehow, I agreed to watch.

“I will bring my blanket, too!” I said the same.



Then somehow we met on 10pm in Ariel’s room. She even got a big screen and speaker, really full equipment!! Salute!!

Ariel and Sally turned the volume to 100%, didn’t even care about our neighbor. They said, “It’s okay…. it’s still 10pm…”

So, me, Sally, Ariel, and Ariel’s roommate, the 4 of us sit really close to each other with our own blanket and pillow to hug.

The horror movie that we chose was “Annabelle”! Yeah, that doll…

Hufffffff……. *long sigh* *deep breath* *long sigh again*

We watched it with the lights off… and we promised before hand, to not scare each other during the show for our own safety. I said that actually, hahaha… “Be careful, my reflex is dangerous. I might hit you~ πŸ˜„”



The movie ended on 00.00 sharp!!! Really! I’m not lying!

And here were the after effects. We walked to restroom together, asked for accompany. And, ME, who live upstairs also asked them to accompany me going back to my room.

Luckily, the after effect only last for a while. We are also not that scared when we watched it. Even though yeah we have the uneasy feeling about lying on the bed, wind sound, etc. But it’s okay now..

However, the funny thing is, we keep singing the song ‘you are my sunshine, my only sunshine~’…🎡🎢🎡 *how you sing it, I leave it to you and your imagination*



Happy Halloween!


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