Big Achievement in Life

Hey! Today I went to Taipei and just got back to Hsinchu... And why is this important to share? Because, this is my first time going alone to a place that I'm not familiar with! Well, yeah, maybe you will laugh at me, because 'Hello.... it's Taipei! Capital city! Even the airport is there! Why …

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Mind vs Heart: Which One Will You Follow?

From time to time, people tend to say "Follow your heart, it knows you best and will take you into the right decision". However, lately I've been thinking, 'Is that phrase really correct?' Well, these days I'm kinda being tortured by the thoughts of 'Should I follow my mind or my heart?'... It's not new …

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When Creativity Meets Mischievousness

Most of us usually assume that artists, such as musicians, writers, poets, painters, etc-- are people who are strong on their fantasy side, while scientists, politicians, and business people are realists. Now, what if I tell you that I am both? My occupation and my study background are from fantasy side and realistic side. My …

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